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Proofreading is the skill of being able to check your writing and make any necessary adjustments.By beating the examiner 'to the punch', you reduce the likelihood that they will be able to deduct any points from your work.(Save a few minutes at the end for proofreading as well. Also make sure that you have clearly supported your thesis or main idea.) Below are two demonstrations of essay planning/outlining in response to two different writing prompts. Use any abbreviations you’ll recognize as you write.) I developed the outline for writing prompt 2 into the sample IELTS essay below the outlines. These simple steps, along with basic common sense, can help researchers determine the value of the internet information they find.

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(Study the samples they give, as well.) Practice will help you get comfortable with organizing your thoughts, writing, and proofreading your work within the time limits given.

If you check your word count for each practice essay, you will also begin to recognize what 250 words (IELTS, or 300 for the TOEFL writing sample) looks like in your handwriting (or on a typed page for the TOEFL ibt.)You should definitely study the official guidelines and samples for the IELTS essay (see the section on Academic Writing Task 2.) You might also want to check out Academic Writing for more ideas on what American or British universities expect.

In this video, I provide a variety of alternative phrases and sentences which will help you to diversify your vocabulary.

This video will guide you through the process of writing the letter for the General Training Task 1 question. Practice answering the questions in the attachment.

For both essays it's important to take a few minutes to plan, even though your time is so limited. What are some ways Internet users can identify reliable information and avoid using poor-quality information to make decisions? In addition, they should check the opinions or facts of several different authorities.

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Planning will save you more time than it costs, as well as allow you to organize it better and think out your main points or arguments before starting to write (and possibly discovering half-way through thst you need to change direction.) See the hints and sample outlines below. B: Less opportunity to really know fellow students.3. If two or three authoritative sites agree, the data is probably trustworthy.Give your reasons and specific examples to support them.1. Remember, your most important preparation for any exam is to study the guidelines and criteria for the test you plan to take and practice, repeatedly, with similar questions. How can people ensure that the material they find is accurate and up-to-date? For example, for health advice, government sites like the NIMH and professional medical association sites like Web MD are authoritative.The first rule of answering any IELTS question is to give the examiner what they want.One problem in doing that is there are different types of IELTS essay questions asking for different things.The sample essay at the bottom of the page a also fits the requirements for either exam with the given writing prompt. On the other hand, if material seems controversial or contradicts common sense, it ought to be investigated further.It’s worth taking a few minutes to roughly outline your paragraphs and main points. Once the major points of view or arguments on the subject are clear, searchers can compare the evidence, arguments, and credentials of the opposing sides to decide which (if any) they can believe. Now almost any kind of information can be found online, usually free. Summary The Internet has made information available to anyone who can type in a few simple search terms, but it also provides large amounts of biased, outdated, or simply false “information.” Fifty years ago, finding facts about an uncommon medical condition or the economy of another country required a visit to a research library.If writing is an important part of your career or academic studies, then this course is for you.Follow the steps and organise your ideas and you will see an immediate difference.


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