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The body paragraph consists of anything that comes after your introductory paragraph and before the conclusion.Mostly, the body of an essay comprises of three or more paragraphs depending on the size and extent of your topic.

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If you are towards the end of your high school and thinking that you are done with writing, you are highly mistaken.

You will be asked to indulge in some sort of writing throughout your academic life.

Remember to build a connection between the hook and the thesis statement.

A thesis statement defines the purpose, main points, and claims of your essay.

Remember, your concluding paragraph contains the last words you will leave your reader with.

Don’t waste this chance by summarizing everything that you have mentioned earlier.The key to choosing a good topic is to think of what interests you and what you can relate to, the most. A competent essay writer will surely be well-familiar with how to write an essay outline.Writing on a topic that you don’t find interesting will only make it hard for you to make your reader interested in. A perfect outline will give the reader a complete idea of the ideas and themes discussed in the paper. Don’t replete the outline with irrelevant information or excessive words. Questions, quotes and headings: all of these ingredients can be incorporated into the outline. Professional writers take their time crafting outline before they begin with the writing process.Use a hook sentence and add informative or shocking revelations to that.A vague or boring introduction will give off the wrong impression, and your reader might decide not to read it any further.Since the body is made up of multiple paragraphs, it is important that they are consistent with one another.Use transitions to introduce new paragraphs such as “firstly.. thirdly...``,''finally ``,''moreover ``,''furthermore ``,''in addition”, etc. Support your ideas by presenting facts and figures, statistics, quotes, examples and other strong evidence.It should include all the necessary information required to tell the reader about the things discussed in the essay.Make your introduction engaging and eye-catching to grab your reader's attention.To write an effective essay, you should choose the right type of essay.There are different types of essays and you should know about them if you are looking to craft a well detailed and significant essay.


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