How To Write A Psychology Research Proposal

Revisions or elaborations of the proposal may occasionally be requested by the Department.To help you in writing your proposal, a sample is available here (PDF 470 kb) (and also on Lyceum).That is, they should be organized in sections as follows: 1. The length is typically 100-250 words, but usually no more than 120 words.

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Briefly describe the specific area of research and the types of studies that you will review.

If there are two (or more) sides to the issue, be sure to mention that here.

All seniors interested in using community-based research (CBR) as their graduation requirement are required to submit proposals and receive approval before they can proceed.

Community-based research proposals follow APA style but may deviate from it somewhat; the method section needs a subheading called “site description,” for example.

Be aware that if you plan on focusing on only a portion of the prior literature then you will need to clearly articulate (and defend) this decision at the outset. In the body of the paper you will describe the way you plan to organize your review.

Be sure to use section headings in the body of your paper and describe the major research articles you plan on including in each section. The discussion/conclusion/closing section should start with a brief summary of the issues you believe you will cover. For example, after reviewing all of the research, do you suspect that you will discover areas that haven’t yet been studied that should be?

At a minimum, a proposal should include the following in roughly the same order: 1.

An introduction that includes a three- to five-page summary of research that may be relevant to the work.

For examples of review articles see these journals: Proposals are approved by the third week in each semester.

To help you in writing your proposal, two samples are available here and here (both PDF files).


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