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The use and consequent impacts of social media in spending habits is a particularly critical area in understanding consumer behavior.

The use and consequent impacts of social media in spending habits is a particularly critical area in understanding consumer behavior.

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Consequently, the adoption of such platforms is growing.

Such fast adoption is evidenced by the growing number of users in various social media networks ranging from social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

Nonetheless, if the generalizability of the findings generated from the study is questionable, the researcher will propose future research areas for studying. The study setting will be 3 high schools located in an urban setting, preferably Boston.

The study will be conducted for a period of 6 months starting from May 2017 to November 2017.

Basically, almost every high school teenager in the United States operates a social media account, including Facebook, Whats App, My Space, Yahoo, Google , Twitter, etc.

The social media platforms facilitate the sharing of experiences through personal photos that are highly based on fashion competitiveness amongst the teen group (Ghaznavi & Taylor, 2015).The teenage group of consumers entails peer groups that pose influence on major spending activities, whereby the schools are characterized by virtual fashion shows, especially with the teenage girls.In the high school experience, every student wants to look good in front of his/her peers and that plays great roles in the use of social media in promoting fashion (Fardouly et al., 2015).In the digital platforms created through social media, the consumer is able to access and view diverse products before the actual purchase of the products.Peer influence plays significant roles in the sharing of fashion products and product referrals that influence the spending habits.As such, understanding the implications of social media in spending habits of teenage shoppers of fashion products can be of help to marketing strategists around the target region.Moreover, the findings of the study could be generalized to apply to a wider population.The consumer expectations tend to be evolving at a rapid rate and fashion designers and marketers have to identify with the most convenient way to get access to potential customers.In the real essence, every marketer seeks to satisfy the needs of the current customers for retention whereas at the same time attracting new customers through presentation of products (Fardouly et al., 2015; Okazaki & Taylor, 2013).Social media plays major roles in the lives of teenagers as it is a key communication platform.Through social media, many people are able to connect remotely and share life experiences and trending news.


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