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You still have time to instill a strong work ethic and time management skills in these last years of homeschooling.

Either way will be effective; it just depends on your child’s personality. Another method I’ve found effective with preteens and teens is to have a set amount of time for school. However, if they have not managed to finish all their schoolwork by free time, they must complete the rest of the assignments as .

Knowing they will be cutting into their own free time, as opposed to scheduled school time, provides stimulus to work a bit harder. I’ve found that by simply giving my children half the math problems on a page and then setting a timer, I can avoid many conflicts.

Simply having the child correct the problems they get wrong (or didn’t get to do), plus two extras from that page is often enough of a consequence to motivate a child to work quickly without rushing and making simple mistakes.

Teens love their technology, their friends, and their independence, so they make prime candidates for consequences.

She’s also an online influencer and ebook author who enjoys writing to help other moms and to build strong families.

Ask most moms and they will let you in on a huge secret—raising and homeschooling teens is one of the most rewarding phases of parenting!

School is back in full swing and I thought you might be looking for a little help to supplement your child’s education.

Here is a list of resources that I have used both as a homeschooler and an elementary school teacher.

It could be they need a hand setting up a schedule or an outline.

Once they get help in the area they are struggling with, they usually do well with it on their own, but you may experience a few lapses over the teen years when you need to swoop in and assist again.


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