History And Memory Essay

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In response to this critique, the practice of heritage conservation has transformed to include the history of the ‘other’.

Nevertheless, the relationship between gender history and heritage conservation has rarely been examined and is under-represented in academic literature despite a formal recognition by both fields regarding the importance of the connection (Parks Canada, 2000; Dubrow and Goodman, 2003).

La mémoire historique peut être comprise à la fois comme un cadre théorique et comme une méthodologie qui repositionne les questions sur le passé et la façon dont on s’en souvient, individuellement et collectivement.

La mémoire historique est une méthodologie importante utilisée dans l’histoire des femmes et du genre afin d’examiner les questions complexes entourant la formation des souvenirs et l’histoire plus généralement.

Both of these sections articulate the historiographies of the two separate areas and the connections with the emerging research associated with historical memory.

In order to limit the scope of this essay, heritage conservation in its entirety will not be considered.

These questions, and the need to apply them to concrete case study examples, have resulted from the theoretical discussions of this particular paper and continue to inform my ongoing research in this area. The first section will outline the methodology and theoretical framework being considered, specifically historical memory, and its connections with feminist theory.

It will trace the development of historical memory from its roots within oral history, recognizing the connections between these important feminist historical methodologies.

This article is to serve as an introduction to the complex theoretical questions surrounding these concepts and thereby encourage more concrete case study examples to be explored in the future that can aid in the continued development and evolution of both gender history and heritage conservation.

Through the employment of historical memory as a theoretical framework, it is possible to consider crucial questions within heritage conservation as a practice, such as: how does memory function at National Historic Sites?


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