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Not only did they share their speaking efforts within the classroom and PA system, they also shared their tape-recordings in another way.

is to support teachers, youth leaders and community leaders in their efforts to promote friendly awareness of the Hispanic historical and cultural presence - with a positive, accurate global perspective.

Concern over the continual propagation of incorrect Hispanic history and the negative portrayal of our Spanish speaking and indigenous ancestors has prompted me to share materials that can promote a better understanding of who we are.

When you start looking into your personal history, you may be surprised at what historical ancestor's blood flows in your veins. An Orange County, California man with the surname Grijalva was curious about family stories concerning an early Grijalva ancestor who came from Mexico as a soldier (rank, second corporal) in 1776 and helped to settle the Orange County area.

Intense curiosity eventually lead to actually finding land records showing what land belonged to his ancestor, Juan Pablo Grijalva, and locating a wall section of the original adobe home.

S., 1636 Spanish Sea Trade, 1638 Honduras, 1674 Dangerous Sea Trade, 1715 Connecting with Texas Indians, 1717 Banking, Texas Style,1734 Crown of the Andes,1750s Hispanic Inventor, 1773 Spain's Role in the American Revolution Count Bernardo de Glvez, 1779 Hispanics in Hawaii,1794 Historic Bell of Los Angeles, 1820 Pablo Tac, 1841 Sister Mary Domnica Arguello, 1851 Santa Anna and Chewing Gum, 1860 The Basque, 1860s Elfego Baca, New Mexico Gunfighter,1865 David Belasco, Theater 1880s Monterey Jack Cheese, 1890s Fraudulent Land Claims, 1895 Cuban Hospitals and Doctors, 1902 A Pancho Villa Story, 1912 Filipino World War II Vets, 1941 Genealogy, the study of one's family history is one of the most popular hobbies in America today. From Mayan steps to Egyptian tombs, from the Bible's Genesis to the European kings, records have been kept in one form or another throughout the world.

Records for purposes of land and property rights were needed to insure the passing of one's wealth to one's posterity.

The subject of each unit was selected to appeal to students from 4th-12th and the general public.

Reading time for the essays are between 30 to 90 seconds.

This is interestingly the same time period that other researchers give for the African Eve.

Common male ancestor by seeking genetic mutations in a specific part of the Y chromosome, which is passed only from father to son.


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