Hamlet And The Lion King Essay

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He wishes he was dead, and half-heartedly tries to kill himself.

Nala tries to kill Timone and Pumbaa before she knows who they are.

Scar has just missed the presentation of Simba, Mufasa's son who is to be the next king.

Scar turns as if to leave and Mufasa stops him by saying "Don't turn your back on me Scar." This is a warning.

Scar shoots back "No, perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me! Because the king is never introduced in Hamlet, the audience is left to wonder whether the king had any notice that his brother wanted him dead. Shortly after Hamlet visits his mother and kills Polonius, there is a meeting between him and Claudius.

When Hamlet is told he is being sent to England, he affirms that this is a good idea, and the king replies "So is it, if thou knew'st our purposes."(IV, iv, 47) The king is letting it be known that he has it in for Hamlet.The similarities between the storylines and the ways they are portrayed, especially on screen, is incredible.The three biggest parallels of the stories are the presence of death images and symbolism, the actions of the secondary characters, and the development of the tragic hero.There are many differences between the stories involving characters, and detailed plot points, but the main storylines are essentially the same.In the very opening scene of The Lion King Mufasa, the king of the Pridelands confronts his brother Scar.Scar talks of killing every character in the movie, although he is unsuccessful in killing anyone but Mufasa.Timone and Pumbaa believe Simba to be dead when they first find him.In Hamlet, Hamlet is too smart to be outwitted, in The Lion King, thehyenas are just too stupid to kill Simba.Hamlet and Simba are near perfect examples of tragic heroes.Hamlet contemplated suicide as well, but for both the determination within them to live won out. He also tends to go off when he is upset or remembers his father.Simba gets grows up and the audience can see that even though he's living in the jungle, he still has an aristocratic grace about him. He tends to blame himself for all the problems that occur to everyone around him.


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