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You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. The rapid change that is experienced has been attributed to many factors.David (2001) further claims that these attributes are the symbols of the integration of the beliefs of different individuals in a society that shares a common culture.

The paper addresses the topic by first understanding the two variables; culture and graphic design, and then reviewing the various instances when the culture has been influenced by graphic design.

The study also touches briefly on the dependency of graphic design on the culture of the people.

It places such disciplines as typography, images and other forms of media with the aim of conveying a particular message.

The purpose of graphic design is to pass a message with the aim of giving instructions, persuading the targeted group to either perform some activities. As emissaries of communication, they visualize solutions for the presentation of abstract data, turning ideas into things: They create books and magazines, posters and packaging, exhibitions and Web sites, logos and film titles” (Helfand 2001, p. We can therefore conclude that graphic design is a communication form that utilizes the visual aspect of communication to transmit certain ideals or to stimulate particular feelings and emotions from its audience.

These aspects stand out prominently as defining the culture of a society. Consumption patterns as well as the ways in which people present the literary works.

In settling for these three aspects, the study aims to capture almost all spheres of human relations as well as their lives.

He posits that “the core of culture; values, is transmitted through symbols and systems of symbols by different communication behaviors” (page 8).

In a different paper by David Carlson in the David Report (2011) culture has been attributed to the more “complex ways of living [that incorporates] value systems, traditions, beliefs and habits; including knowledge, morals, law and customs, acquired by those within that Society” (Page 8).

A study by Phill Meggs concentrates on tracing the history of graphic design.

In this work, graphic design is traced back to the cave men where there were drawings of the animals they hunted for food.


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