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There are three essential questions to answer before deciding on the best eye catcher for your readers: The same topic or question may have several different purposes.For example, your essay can have an educating character, informative message, comparison, call-to-action, persuasion, argumentation, and many other types of purposes.Find the examples of the best essays online to use in your work.

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However, it does not mean that it must be too official and boring, especially if we talk about high school students.

It is critical to keep an eye on every line and word when you're at university, but you can relax a bit and let your imagination flow while studying at your high school or college.

A shorter introduction is appropriate for a shorter essay, while a longer essay often needs to have a lengthier introduction.

This quote from a world-known author of teen books is an excellent opening for your literature essay or social paper about making choices.

They are waiting to be impressed like they do when they go to the cinema.

You should write an academic paper according to the specific writing style and other standards.

A student should also understand what the readers are expecting to see in every introduction and hook sentence(s).

Believe it or not, but an introduction should give the answers to all of these questions.

The most important aspect of any introduction is the ability to grab the reader’s attention.

If the introduction fails to do this, it will detract from the quality of the essay, even if the body paragraphs that follow are well written and full of supporting detail.


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