Good Thesis Statement Book 1984

Good Thesis Statement Book 1984-24
One of Orwell’s astute observations about politics and society that forms the axis around which his novel is tshat the media have an incredible degree of influence with respect to shaping thought.While the responsibility of journalism, whether in print or electronic format, is to inform the citizens of facts (Kosicki 114), the fact of the matter is that the media are by no means neutral (Cohn 25)., and the concerns that George Orwell articulates in his novel 1984 (as well as in other novels by George Orwell such as Animal Farm) are as relevant today as they were during the author’s own time, if not more so.If somebody could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate it. Some reasons why it might be considered for banning - as it was during the Soviet era in their territories: It is a scathing attack on totalitarianism.

The book is an ode to the then prevailing political society.

The research topics for Orwell 1984 are unending and shall remain so as long as we are living in a society which demands a leader.

The role of media in the society presented in the novel by George Orwell, 1984 cannot be underestimated nor can the commentary about the possible future in the novel be ignored.

I can give you what my or other ideas might be, but you need to decide how you see the book in relation to the question.

George Orwell book nineteen eighty four has captured more eyeballs than any other novel written in that era.


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