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Bring a wide range of skills and life experiences to the university setting.Real and hypothetical examples is when people use the experience of friends or. College Essay Ideas for Writing About a Significant Experience.Write about a conversation you had with your dad where he thanked you for taking on so much responsibility.

Life experience, then you may choose to write about someone else or write about an.

A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences.

Discuss any important background information and the setting, so readers will understand when and where your life experience occurred.

For example, if your paper is about how difficult it was to relocate to a new state during your senior year of high school, start with a description of how you felt as you said good-bye to your childhood home.

For example, if your paper is on the difficulties you faced after your dad lost his leg in a tragic accident, discuss how you had to become the man of the house or how you had to spend your summers working to help provide for your family.

Incorporate dialogue into your essay to make it more compelling.

Include a thesis in the introduction that identifies your major theme and connects to your personal experience, such as, "Even though relocating to a new state during my senior year in high school was difficult, I came out stronger, more self-reliant and better equipped for college in the long run." High school and college students often write essays about their life experiences as part of their English coursework.

Use the first-person point of view and the pronoun "I" throughout your paper to make it more personal and meaningful.

Tie your points to your thesis to give your essay a well-defined purpose, suggests the Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

Provide detailed examples about your life experience to back your thesis and support important themes.


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