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But this might turn out a complete loss for an undeveloped country.

2) I believe parents are always teaching us in many ways intentionally and unintentionally; however, the contributions teachers have in our learning process cannot be ignored.

The price of fuel, in fact, increased significantly over the past 12 years and that has done nothing to reduce car usage.

3) To begin, houses that are being constructed by those in the lower income groups do look at the most cost-effective option.

Use those connective phrases/words or linking phrases/words properly.

In the introduction part of your IELTS essay, you should write sentences relevant to the topic given and generally accepted ideas about it.Use your best English here as it will attract or bore your reader about the whole writing. If you really need to, use synonyms and different sentence structure.You will make or break your impression in this paragraph. 1) Mobile phones and the Internet are two great innovations of science for communication and have been facilitating people for a long time.3) Compared with people in the past, we concern far less on the preparation of food today, thanks to the development of agriculture and scientific technology.A fair amount of beneficial influence is occurring to us consequently.3) Apart from that, computers would become more powerful and they will have superior artificial intelligence.We will have robots to do hazardous works like mining and outer space research.The main reason for attending universities or colleges may differ man to man.Someone may aspire to achieve greater knowledge, someone may just want to earn a certificate or someone might attribute it as a step towards career development.According to the essay types (Learn what are the IELTS essay types) use one of the following connective words/ linking phrases to write down your opinion However remember that if the question does not ask you to give your opinion but to compare advantages and disadvantages, then you should not strongly express your opinion. 1) But in my opinion, giving access to a mobile phone & the internet to each and every unemployed person is a matter of great dispute.I believe, this idea can help the countries who have sufficient funds for the whole fiscal year and already adopted technologies like the internet for a very long period.


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