Gone With The Wind Theme Essay

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Mitchell also implies, in a racist manner, that African-American women have a kind of “guile” that allows them to manipulate those under their care.

Adding to this racist fantasy, Mitchell further suggests that Mammy doesn’t find anything wrong with being owned by another human being.

In fact, even though the novel is well over a thousand pages, the word “slave(s)” only appears 82 times.

It seems to me that a book that takes place in the Deep South during the 1860s would focus largely on slavery, but this isn’t the case.

As I grew older, I began to appreciate Margaret Mitchell’s writing style and the way that the book made me feel on an emotional level.

My heart began to break for Scarlett because of all the challenges that she was forced to overcome at such a young age.We never learn Mammy’s real name; that is the title given to her when she was gifted to Mrs.O’Hara as a girl, and that is what she is called throughout the novel.I fell in love with Scarlett O’Hara: men wanted her and women wanted to be her.Nothing stood in her way: not Yankees, not Carpetbaggers, and certainly not that “scallywag” Rhett Butler.Even after Union soldiers had damaged Tara, her beloved plantation, Scarlett only worries about finding someone to marry so she can have access to his money.She stops at nothing to get what she wants and even goes as far as stealing her sister’s wealthy boyfriend.Ironically, neither do any of the other slave characters.The novel also engages with the issue of slavery in other respects.But something I find even stranger than Scarlett’s ignorance of the world around her is the way the slaves, particularly Mammy, regard the family.While Mammy is not considered a main character in the novel, she plays a pivotal role in the progression of the story since she raised Scarlett and her sisters.


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