Gmat Problem Solving

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Calculators are not allowed, so you have to do calculations (including long-hand multiplication and division) on your scratch board.

But since you have an average of two minutes per question, you are not expected to do tedious calculations.

About the author: Jeff Sackmann has written many GMAT preparation books, including the popular Total GMAT Math, Total GMAT Verbal, and GMAT 111.

He has also created explanations for problems in The Official Guide, as well as 1,800 practice GMAT math questions.

Verbal - Contains 41 questions with a 75 minute time limit. Scores are given in 10 point increments with recent average scores of 540.

Most business schools place increasing emphasis on the combined verbal and quantitative score because this score gets reported in their class profiles of the students that were admitted into their business programs.

Speed is crucial to have a shot at a top 10% GMAT math score, but to a generation of test-takers more familiar with Palm Pilots than paper and pencil, the no-calculator clause is a time killer. Look at a sample question: In the question above, do you really want to divide anything by 397,264? Let's approximate 400,000 and quickly restate the question: 5,000,000,000/400,000=? If you're avoiding calculations like we showed you above, you'll be using your scratch paper almost exclusively to set up problems in this way.

Above all, learn to avoid doing math the "traditional" way. You can spot a successful translation because it will put you only a few seconds away from the solution.

GMAT Question of the Day Beginner's Guide to the GMAT GMAT Hacks Affiliate Program I hear from a lot of GMAT students on a regular basis, but I can't remember the last time someone told me they were focusing on Problem Solving. You can answer some Data Sufficiency questions with pure reasoning skills, but if you don't know how to solve a system of equations, apply a right triangle ratio, or calculate a dependent probability, you'll have a hard time with Problem Solving.

However, ignoring the specifics of Problem Solving question type is a mistake.


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