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The gender topic is now widely speculated and sometimes people go so far as publishing the false data and statistics to prove their point.Also, you have to remember that gender is a very vulnerable and relatively new topic in the society, so there are still no stable definitions and ways of research that are accepted by everyone all over the world.By placing men and women on an equal level, the relatively increased valuing of women will also benefit men by informing them of the strengths, capabilities and contributions of members of the opposite sex.

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Nowadays, the theme of gender equality and gender studies is very popular all over the world.

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The gender studies exist to enhance understanding of the concept of gender and between genders in general.

To be sure that your paper doesn’t discriminate anyone, try to imagine that you are reading it to the mixed audience of different genders.According to The Report Card on Gender Equity released by the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education in June 1997 (p.29), "too many girls and women still confront 'No Trespassing' signs throughout educational institutions.For the first time in history women feel empowered enough to step forward and speak up for themselves.The Mee Too movement is the prominent proof of the fact that women finally decided not to endure the gender discrimination.Please remember that personal experience is very important in gender studies, it can give you some insights and guide you through the way of your research, but it can’t be the universally relevant data.Also, disregarding of what gender or genders you are writing about, please try to avoid the discrimination of the others.The most well-known result, and thus also the misconceived sole purpose, of Title IX was the encouragement and support of many female sports teams in public schools, and the amendment improved gender disparities in other areas as well.However, twenty-five years later, the problem of gender inequality remained.From this definition, it can be deduced that a person would refer to these factors when referring to a person as either feminine or masculine.Some issues relating to gender have been raised, and many people keep on talking about gender almost daily.


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