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Moreover, they as well real the optimistic visions by which societies are striving to achieve, but they never tend to achieve the same desires or goals.The dystopian and the utopian thinkers often have different views regarding human nature (Wilson 01).John the savage is portrayed as the most human character among other characters (Huxley 52).

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Conclusively, it may be noted that these two materials talks about the challenges facing the two different world or societies. 2012 web (“Comparing and Contrasting the Film Gattaca to the Novel Brave new Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved de (Comparing and Contrasting the Film Gattaca to the Novel Brave New Essay)

Additionally, these two different societies have a different approach to individual’s life. “Comparing and Contrasting the Film Gattaca to the Novel Brave New Essay”, n.d.

Dealing with Ethical issues, Kass is extremely concerned with the Brave New World as presented by Aldous Huxley in the 1932 novel.

The features of this novel largely portray the future of humanity, as one that is descending into soulless mediocrity that is influenced by genetic manipulation as well as other related biological sciences applications.

John and Bernand also rebel against their society form reading and thinking people (Huxley 43).

The writing by John Stuart Mill that “it is better being a human being who is dissatisfied than a pig who is satisfied” may be qualitatively analyzed to satisfy the status of humanity to that of a pig or better describe the dissatisfying nature of humans (Wilson 01).Despite the similarities shared above, the book Brave New World discourages individualism.Human beings are supposed to perform their roles; actually, they should act as customers, but should evade emotions entirely.The Gattaca and Brave New World Notably, both the book “Brave New World” and the movie “Gattaca” are both artworks of Aldous Huxley.They are all based on the future perfections and how science is overriding the world.This is a dystopic novel, more potent than George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four, since science's ability to control the human mind did not seem completely unrealistic, though fearsome, at the time.While the novel is an indictment on what we now know as 'eugenics',......"1984" vs.However, the social progress within their storylines presents the sense of individualism, discrimination, and the loss of personal freedom, particularly among those who are not biological elites.Both stories are dealing with the potential imperfections of utopia; therefore, they are entirely referred to dystopias.After the encounter with DNA in a black market, Vincent decides to change his identity to a famous astronaut making everyone view him as an “unvalid”.This character accomplished this transformation only after realizing that he has more strength than his brother is, particularly after defeating him in their swimming game.


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