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When War Sets Agenda: The Case of Ukraine (PDF: 915.3 KB) Economic Underdevelopment in Southern Italy: The Mafia Effect (PDF: 339 KB) Argentine National Identity and the War on Terror: Civilization, Barbarism, and Rumors of Islamic Radicalism in the Tri-Border Area (PDF: 552 KB) America's Reaction to China's Boycott of American Products of 1905 - An Analysis on the Image of Japan and China in the U.S., 1905 - 1908 (PDF: 6.2 MB) English Nationalism and Brexit: Past, Present, and Future (PDF: 806 KB) Women and Government Expenditure: Do Gender Quotas Increase a Country's Social Spending? Students selecting the thesis-option are not required to sit for the comprehensive examination.

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Certainly we do not expect undergraduates to approach that level of length and sophistication.

On the other hand, the senior thesis should be more than a glorified term paper.

R., but the principal requirement of the seminar is the conception, researching, and writing of a thesis.

Now, the word "thesis" conjures up images of Masters or Doctoral dissertations.

degree are as follows: The Supervisory Committee acts as the student’s principal academic advisor and also conducts the Thesis defense and takes part in the I.

Students should nominate three faculty to serve on their supervisory committees no later than the beginning of their second semester. (PDF: 729 KB) Leo Strauss as the Mastermind Behind U. RAND's international affairs research comprises a range of cross-cutting issues, including global economies and trade, space and maritime security, diplomacy, global health and education, nation building, and regional security and stability.The INTR 390/391 senior seminar sequence is meant to be the "capstone experience" for I. Ideally, therefore, the senior seminar should satisfy the intellectual appetites that drew you to major in I. Seminar leaders may spend several weeks reviewing with you the major theoretical approaches to I. This is your chance (a) to use the theoretical tools you have acquired in the core courses and electives; (b) to exploit and expand the specialized knowledge you have acquired about a particular subject or geographical region; and (c) to satisfy your own desire to study intensively some issue of particular interest to yourself. The focus of INTR 390/391 is in every case the senior thesis.America's Reaction to China's Boycott of American Products of 1905 - An Analysis on the Image of Japan and China in the U.S., 1905 - 1908 (PDF: 6.2 MB) Decentralization Reform in Ukraine: A Promising Force in the Fight Against Corruption (PDF: 3.3 MB) Comparing the Economic Challenges to Democratic Consolidation in Thailand and the Philippines (PDF: 450 KB) The Graduate School of Arts and Science Master's Award for Academic Achievement recognizes the most distinguished master's thesis or final project in each discipline.Starting in 2016, the Program in International Relations began the annual Outstanding Master's Thesis Award.The award serves to recognize exceptional work completed by students within the Program in International Relations, and to foster high levels of scholarship among the class.The full text of a thesis can be published in open access on the HSE website only if the authoring student (copyright holder) agrees, or, if the thesis was written by a team of students, if all the co-authors (copyright holders) agree.After a thesis is published on the HSE website, it obtains the status of an online publication.


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