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To simply shrug off this responsibility is near-enough a crime to scientific progression.

Publication furthermore promotes an individual’s academic growth, and credibility as an author.

I’d imagine that employers outside of academia would look upon this well too.

I have been informed that from at least the previous two years, not a single student on this course has published their thesis!

In fact, during the entire year I studied there, not a single supervisor/lecturer even mentioned formal publication or how to even approach manuscript preparation.

It’s not that difficult, just removing a bit (a lot..) of the chaff and reformatting, with a little guidance from my supervisor.

Some students from the MSc were quite clearly with me at option two at the end of the course.

Theses must be substantially rewritten before being published as a monograph, and embargoes are required to be ‘as long as possible’.

It is advisable to contact the publisher directly, to determine what embargo period would be acceptable in an individual case.

It has recently become apparent (to me) that Master’s students do not publish their research here in the UK, or at least not enough.

I’ve been informed by several people that in US-based institutions, Master’s students are continuously encouraged to publish their material.


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