Finance Research Thesis

Successful completion of the program, which requires a full academic year commitment, fulfills the honors thesis requirement and results in three credits.

August Information sessions September Select students, teams and coaches Choose project topics October Organize teams, topics and coaches Conduct skills assessment and training Projects begin November/December Team proposals due February Mid-progress -- check presentations March Draft submittal Thesis defense April Submission to the Honors College Intel Corporation develops the projects, which relate directly to the company's business needs.

The thesis layout and writing should include the following for easy understanding of your research and study, great presentation and academic requirements of writing.

A Foreword: A Foreword thanking people who contributed, explaining your thesis briefly and serving as a personal note.

The Concluding note: Use this chapter to reinforce the main topics and inferences of your thesis while providing constructive ways of furthering studies on the topic and its development.

Depending on your field of interest (Marketing, taxes, Corporate Governance, etc.) use the following topics to quick-start the thinking process and narrow down your topics.You can browse our staff specialisations in Research Areas or through individual Staff pages which also lists publications by those staff.If you intend to apply for thesis study in Economics or Finance, then your application needs to be directed through the Faculty of Graduate Research for Ph D applications.A good financial analysis course/ financial analyst certification from a reputed company like Imarticus will boost your career chances and are particularly advantageous to you because of the global robust curriculum, hands-on practice on popular tools, an industry-relevant project involving real-time live data, and excellent mentorship provided which makes you industry-ready from day one.There are very many opportunities, and the payouts are great as witnessed on most job portals.More information: https:// The Advanced Master Law & Finance curriculum concludes with a master thesis.The thesis addresses and analyses a topic that falls within the subject area of one of the courses offered within the programme.A chapter on Introduction: The introduction chapter is where your research goals, topics of study and the background of your methodology is a must.The Methodology used: Here you will lay out every step of action taken during your research, analysis and inferences making the process of your study.One of the essential to earning your degree in finance is that you have to submit your dissertation on a financial analysis topic that has to be eye-catching and demonstrate your ability to defend the topic.Financial Analysis being an ocean of streams and topics it is wise to choose a topic based on your area of interest.


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