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He hates his father and shows disrespect towards him.

He is not even willing to attend his father's funeral.

Because of these virtues and ability for endurance she is the most powerful dramatic character in the play.

August Wilson's Fences is a play about life, and an extended metaphor Wilson uses to show the disintegrating relationships between Troy and Cory and Troy and Rose.

In such difficult circumstances Rose feels deeply for him and asks him not to talk about death and the devil. When Lyons comes to her house, she treats him in a loving way though she knows that she is her stepson.

Troy calls him a nigger on the street but she is very affectionate towards him. Any other woman would have reacted very differently under such circumstances.

In the play, Wilson presents to the reader a world not yet torn by the strife of racial change.

However, its presence is still felt through the actions of Troy Maxson in the play as double consciousness acts both as a metaphorical fence that constrains Troy, as well as an idea In the play Fences, by August Wilson, the main character, Troy Maxson is involved in numerous relationships with family members throughout the entire eight years that the story takes place.

She tells him frankly that his carelessness and indifference were responsible for what Gabriel was. Under such circumstances her power to endure is remarkable. No woman can accept her husband's illegitimate child. It is a great sacrifice that a married woman can make Rose nurtures the baby because the innocent child stands for the hope of better future and society. The father tries to mold his son the way he himself was trained and conditioned.

The Maxson family is suffering because of the social discrimination practiced by whites. Given her husband's betrayal and deception, she should be punishing him severely and leaving him. The son, too, cannot understand the father's point of view.


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