Feminist Criticism Essay On Cinderella

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The stories never focus much on developing the character of the prince, and by working with the same source material, Disney doesn’t do much better.

Drawn (or cast) in just about every movie as the classically handsome, white, affluent male, that is where the prince’s character development ends.

Without the all-important message of true kindness and graciousness, what is truly left as the message of the fairytale? Instead of that moment on the stairwell being used as a tool for the audience – to help satisfy that need for the evildoer to be punished, for the bad to get what they deserve – it could be sending a very different message.

A message to young girls: abuse should not be tolerated.

– all classic fairytales which have been around for generations, and have appeared in many different retellings.

Feminist Criticism Essay On Cinderella

Nowadays, these stories are owned by the production giant known as Walt Disney Studios, leaving all of the retelling and changes up to their collective discretion.There is never a hair out of place, even when Cinderella is supposedly working as the house maid.She never snaps or outright acts meanly towards anyone around her. While all of her behaviour ultimately comes across as being fairly naive by today’s standards, it is still somehow fitting into the idea of the “ideal female”.He is just a working stand-in for the female-focused narratives, which work to push girls towards the author’s ulterior motives of supposed “good behaviour” for females.The movies and stories are always more focused on the girl’s behaviour and her side of the story, making her into the perfect, flawless character.Had she decided to be a little more forcefully assertive before the end of the movie, it’s obvious that things would have gone poorly for her.Her stepmother smashes the glass slipper Ella managed to save from her trip to the ball when they get into an argument before the prince’s envoy even arrives – a tell-tale warning sign for escalating abuse .From today’s perspective, the emotional abuse Cinderella suffers at the hands of her stepfamily members is obvious.While the original story may have had goals of teaching girls to be good in spite of whatever might be thrown their way, and to always maintain a calm and gracious exterior made of passivity, Disney is taking the tone in a different direction by showing their heroine sticking up for herself.But that’s when another issue arises with the genre of fairytales: the idea of love at first sight.No matter what, Cinderella ends up in a rather unrealistic example of romance.


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