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It indicates the main arguments for your thesis as well as the subtopics under each main point.

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Preparing an outline will help you think over your notes, consider them from several perspectives, and devise/revise an organizational plan appropriate to your topic, audience, and assignment.

An outline that accompanies the final draft of a paper can also function as a table of contents for the reader.

Sometimes this sort of outline can be produced after you have written your essay. In topic outlines, the ideas are expressed in parallel phrases (in other words, they are expressed in the same grammatical form--as noun phrases, as verb phrases, etc.). In sentence outlines, on the other hand, the ideas are expressed in complete, though not necessarily parallel, sentences.

Sentence outlines give the reader a clearer idea of what you will argue.

If you haven't already been making formal outlines, this outline will be a formal version of your previous notes; it lays out your main points and subpoints for your reader.

Generally, this kind of outline uses conventions of formal outlining: Roman numerals, letters and indentations. The difference is that in a commentary paper your opinion matters more than the thoughts of others.It does not mean, however, that you should consider only your own thoughts and ideas to include; mentioning the arguments of other parts is worthwhile nevertheless.She decided to put the pluralist analysis of the U. and the weaknesses of the analysis together in paragraph 6, the elitist analysis and its weaknesses into a paragraph together, and then devote two paragraphs to the neo-Marxist analysis and its strengths and weaknesses. Finally, you may also be required to write a formal outline--an outline that serves as a guide to your paper for your reader. What makes a commentary essay different from an argumentative paper?In either case, you have to follow the standard structure, there are writing rules, and you typically should include pieces of evidence taken from credible sources to justify your stance.For example, is one idea similar to or different from another? It describes each of your paragraphs so that you can critique your organization. It helps you answer the questions: Does my draft flow logically from point to point? When you think of outlines, you usually think of an organizational plan to help you draft a paper, but you can outline at any one of the several stages of the writing process. At each stage, the outline serves a different function and helps you answer different writing questions: While you are researching a topic, you can make a tentative outline--a plan for your paper based on what you are learning from your research.


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