Evolution Of Human Resource Management Essay

Evolution Of Human Resource Management Essay-12
Essentially, flexibility and adaptation are core peculiarities that determine the success of the foreign manager in his mission ‘across the border’.This requires them to understand and adhere to the local setting, and hence apply the appropriate HR practice and managerial attitudes that best fit this new complex situation.

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Thus, it is a western derived concept that evolved in response to political, economic, legal, and technological changes and one which is highly influenced by the cultural context.

It aimed to make firms more competitive, adaptive and strategic in a turbulent environment by introducing innovative practices in employment relations and business operations.

Likewise, they will have an impact on management styles and peoples’ tastes and lifestyles.

Evolution Of Human Resource Management Essay

Evidently, HRM practices will be influenced by these external factors as these activities are not carried out in a vacuum.

A clear and well thought research plan is therefore necessary for the success of this research project.

This study can be categorised as explanatory as it attempts to understand the phenomenon rather than to create a theory (Kane and O’Reilly-De Brun, 2001).

It aspires to be fundamentally Unitarian that has little acceptance for the several interest groups, and thus promotes the notion of compatibility of stakeholders’ interests.

In essence, it involves treating employees as valued assets and a source of competitive advantage through their commitment, competency and high quality of performance.


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