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It is not known, however, how these evolved into the particular form of the morality play.

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is the best extant example, and the mystery play are the two principal kinds of medieval drama.Here the subject matter is admonitory, particularly concerning death.As Albert Baugh pointed out, it is difficult to discover precise sources for the subject matter or the dramatic method.There are, however, certain parallels with medieval sermons, which often bolstered moral exhortations with allegorical examples.Indeed, allegory is pervasive in medieval literature, as is, for that matter, concern for a happy death.Medievil drama developed out of early religious plays, which had been made out of the drama of the medieval church..These early dramatic forms still focused on the religious and moral themes that dominated the Christian imagination during the Middle Ages.This type of play soon became popular all over Europe, including England.The main characters in "Everyman" are God, a Messenger, Death, Everyman, Fellowship, Kindred, Cousin, Goods, Knowledge, Beauty, Strength, and Good Deeds.Instead, Fellowship, Kindred, and Goods are summary abstractions, which are not particular sins in themselves but rather examples of the distractions that divert people away from positive direction toward God and salvation.Thus Everyman’s failures are represented not by a static series of vices but by the vital enticements that took too much of his attention.


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