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The play Medea can be interpreted as a crazy mother who takes her heart broken anger out on her own innocent children.

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Medea knows she made Jason who he is when she says, “I gave him success and fame; I saved him his precious life, not once, many times…I betrayed my father for him, I killed my brother to save him.” The reason why Jason is where he is at in his life is because of Medea.

She did all the dirty work for Jason, but he repays her by running off and marrying the beautiful girl.

In Medea, the three Corinthian women often show signs that they are afraid of Medea.

One of the Corinthian women says, “They say she is dangerous.

When she kills her brother, she shows that she is willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Medea has been not only cheated, but also betrayed by Jason.

Medea gives many hints throughout the play of her final act of retaliation.

As the story progresses the need to seek revenge also builds inside of her.

For a year and a thousand years and another thousand: cold as stones, cold, but noble again, proud, strait, and silent, crimson-cloaked in the blood of our wounds.” Medea wants all that have betrayed her to be dead.

Even though Jason is still living, his pride and everything he had, like his children and the princess, is dead.


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