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In mythic terms, hockey is one of the few things that could be said to be ours from the beginning of Canadian time.

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Athletes in sports characterized by tacit or overt support for verbal and physical intimidation during sporting contests may be at risk for having these behaviors spill over into other arenas of their lives, such as intimate relationships.Indeed, although historians and hockey lovers debate where the first game make have taken place, no one questions the fact that the game develops Canada or, perhaps even that Canada develops out of the game.As Harrison puts it, “Hockey emerges in the Canadian past at the time the Canada we lived in then as separate communities was being made into Canada we live in now as a people.The vast majority of research on violence in athletics involves male athletes, and high-contact sports such as American football, ice hockey, basketball, rugby, lacrosse, and wrestling are dominated by and nearly exclusively involve men.Therefore, this discussion will focus on violence among male participants in these sporting categories.Hockey is Oscar, lounging in his underwear in his a fraying Barca Lounger.The rest of Canada is Felix, asking ask Oscar to pick up his pizza boxes, put on a clean shirt and take the empties back to the beer store” (21).In his introduction to the tenth-anniversary edition of , poet Richard Harrison discusses the origins of hockey.There has long been a debate over whether hockey first developed and was played in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Kingston, Ontario, or Montreal, Quebec.Hockey lovers regard urban Canadian culture as some extended episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, a fashion/design industry that keeps Canada out of wars and in designer jeans.If Canada were a TV program, it would be The Odd Couple.


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