Essays On The French Revolution And Napoleon

Essays On The French Revolution And Napoleon-21
Napoleon became as a Second Lieutenant of artillery after graduating.His tactics and skills in defeating the British at Toulon made him Brigadier General of the Republic.

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Napoleon was exiled to the Isle of Elba, an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

He was stripped from emperor of France, and was granted a new one Emperor of Isle of Elba.

Napoleon fought harder to defeat them, but nothing went his way, even his general started to doubt him.

Soon ally army entered Paris, and Napoleon was forced to abdicate his crown.

For everyone’s surprise, Napoleon ordered his Grande Army (The great army) to march in Europe.

The Grande Army defeated the Russians and Austrians in the famous battle of Austerlitz.

However, when he heard that the Directory was losing its popularity, he abandoned his army, left for Paris to take advantage of the situation.

Napoleon returned to France when France was in turmoil.

He was later allowed by Directory to invade Egypt with 35000 thousand French soldiers.

Egypt expedition did not go as planned, the barbaric Plague, the scorching hot weather, and British completely destroys anchored French fleet, made the Egypt expedition very difficult.


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