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Finally, Carter uses data and statistics in order to back his claims, as emotions alone may not be enough to convince every reader.

He provides data on legislation and acreage, stating that the "Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, monumental legislation that safeguarded more than 100 million acres of national parks, refuges, and forests in Alaska" was signed by him in order to protect the land and the wildlife.

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He also reasons that the "Arctic Refuge might provide 1 to 2 percent of the oil our country consumes each day", saying that fuel-efficient cars could help America conserve more than that.

By choosing to incorporate this element of persuasion, he offers insight and turns to emotion when he says so, as building more efficient vehicles could be an easier solution, instead of "tearing open the heart of our greatest refuge".

Carter leans heavily towards emotional conviction, leaving the readers with a strong opinion on the issue.

Carter starts off by relating to his personal experiences rather than providing data or statistics in order to establish his reputatation and eligibility to argue for the preservation of the arctic landscape in its current state.

Many Americans oppose such proposals in order to preserve nature in its own state, with one of them being former US President Jimmy Carter, who argues for it in "Foreword to by Subhankar Banerjee".

Carter builds an excellent argument, owing to his expertise in such matters by capturing his readers' attention.


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