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To quench their thirst, to find out truth, people jump into situations that can be physically harmful for them.

Not many English speakers know that in the original idiom the cat survives.

Inquisitiveness or curiosity can lead people into dangerous or risky situations.

Simply, this phrase highlights the curious side of cats, which is no surprise to any owner of pets.

It is because cats are generally very curious creatures that stick their noses in where they don’t belong, and their curiosity could lead them into danger, sometimes taking their lives.

On the other hand, this saying can work as a warning to discourage nosy people or those asking too many questions.

In such situations, one may not be killed, but might face discomfort, embarrassment, stress, etc.Means: being too curious may bring about problems for you.Example of use: “Hey, I wonder what’s down that street; it looks awfully dark and creepy.” Answer: “Let’s not try to find out.If people take too much interest in things they need not know, they could get into trouble.They might be causing themselves problems by getting into things not concerning them.It means that even though one might get harmed due to their curious nature, the satisfaction of uncovering things is worth the risk. Our weekly program is about the words, expressions and idioms we use in American English. Sometimes, you need to know a lot of ‘cultural backstory’ -- the meaning behind the words -- to understand these sayings. However, prying is a form of curiosity but not in a good way.However, adding the later part to the idiom alters its meaning completely.When we were kids, we must have come across old and isolated houses that had no visitors.The idiom is a part of a longer phrase, which is seldom used.Though curiosity killed the cat has a negative undercurrent, the complete phrase 'curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back' might be looked upon as being supportive of one's curious nature.


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