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This will be the definitive volume on biopower for decades to come.”“With Biopower, Cisney and Morar have assembled a stellar collection of essays from some of the leading scholars working in Foucault studies today.One of the volume’s strongest features is its dissemination of the concept of biopower beyond Foucault’s use of it.

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Tactical Biopolitics takes up that challenge; it is one of the most stimulating books I have read in a long time.

Charles Taylor Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UCLA Scientists, scholars, and artists consider the political significance of recent advances in the biological sciences.

Cisney and Nicolae Morar bring together leading contemporary scholars to explore the many theoretical possibilities that the concept of biopower has enabled while at the same time pinpointing their most important shared resonances.

Situating biopower as a radical alternative to traditional conceptions of power—what Foucault called “sovereign power”—the contributors examine a host of matters centered on life, the body, and the subject as a living citizen.

Altogether, they pay testament to the lasting relevance of biopower in some of our most important contemporary debates on issues ranging from health care rights to immigration laws, HIV prevention discourse, genomics medicine, and many other topics. Cisney and Nicolae Morar Introduction: Why Biopower? Part I : Origins of Biopower Judith Revel One / The Literary Birth of Biopolitics (translated by Christopher Penfield) Antonio Negri Two / At the Origins of Biopolitics (translated by Diana Garvin) Ian Hacking Three / Biopower and the Avalanche of Printed Numbers Catherine Mills Four / Biopolitics and the Concept of Life Paul Patton Five / Power and Biopower in Foucault Part II : The Question of Life Mary Beth Mader Six / Foucault, Cuvier, and the Science of Life Jeff T.

Nealon Seven / The Archaeology of Biopower: From Plant to Animal Life in The Order of Things Eduardo Mendieta Eight / The Biotechnological Scala Naturae and Interspecies Cosmopolitanism: Patricia Piccinini, Jane Alexander, and Guillermo Gómez-Peña Part III : Medicine and Sexuality: The Question of the Body Carlos Novas Nine / Patient Activism and Biopolitics: Thinking through Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs David M.Today we publish over 30 titles in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and science and technology.MIT Press Journals Scholars who concentrate on the nonscientific aspects of bioscience and biotechnology are often identified with ethical and legal scholarship focused on narrow range of issues.Transcending disciplinary boundaries, contributions to this volume focus on the political significance of recent advances in the biological sciences and explore the possibility of public participation in scientific discourse, drawing on research and practice in art, biology, critical theory, anthropology, and cultural studies.After framing the subject in terms of both biology and art, Tactical Biopolitics discusses such topics as race and genetics (with contributions from leading biologists Richard Lewontin and Richard Levins); feminist bioscience; the politics of scientific expertise; bioart and the public sphere (with an essay by artist Claire Pentecost); activism and public health (with an essay by Treatment Action Group co-founder Mark Harrington); biosecurity after 9/11 (with essays by artists' collective Critical Art Ensemble and anthropologist Paul Rabinow); and human-animal interaction (with a framing essay by cultural theorist Donna Haraway).COMMENT Generative grafting Reproductive technology and the dilemmas of surrogacy Elina staikou In 2013, at the advanced age of 101, Howard W.Jones, a medical pioneer in reproductive technology, published Personhood Revisited: Reproductive Technology, Bioethics, Religion and the Law.Like all of the essays in the volume, the introduction written by Morar and Cisney is excellent.They are to be congratulated not only for organizing such an impressive volume, but guiding us through it with their analysis.Artists must learn more about science and take up the challenge of illuminating our technological world to those who are shaping it.Both communities, in making their work more accessible to the other, will benefit.


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    Although it contains essays written by the most important and well-known commentators on Foucault, it is really more than a study of Foucault’s concept of biopower. The majority of the essays expands, extends, and transforms the concept of biopower. Like all of the essays in the volume, the introduction written by Morar and Cisney is excellent.…

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    Patricia Ticineto Clough and Craig Willse, eds, Beyond Biopolitics Essays on the Governance of Life and Death, Duke University Press, Durham NC and London, 2011. 400 pp. £75.00 hb. £17.99 pb. 978 0 82235 003 3 hb. 978 0 82235 017 0 pb.…

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