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Reforms in the South seemed unlikely in 1877 when Congress resolved the previous autumn’s disputed presidential election between Democrat Samuel Tilden and Republican Rutherford B. A compromise gave Hayes the presidency in return for the end of Reconstruction and the removal of federal military support for the remaining biracial Republican governments that had emerged in the former Confederacy.

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, they gave the late nineteenth century its popular name.

The federal government sought to integrate the West into the country as a social and economic replica of the North.

Land redistribution on a massive scale formed the centerpiece of reform.

Together they made up 72 percent of the total immigration.

At the end of the century, the so-called "New Immigration" signaled the rise of southern and eastern Europe as the source of most immigrants to America.

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They set in motion developments that would shape the country for generations—the reunification of the South and North, the integration of four million newly freed African Americans, westward expansion, immigration, industrialization, urbanization.

It was also a period of reform, in which many Americans sought to regulate corporations and shape the changes taking place all around them.


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