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Other topics explored are buried treasure, magic and delinquency.Stanley Yelnats, the main character, is a fifteen year old boy whose family has a history of bad luck, believed to be caused by a curse placed upon his great-great-grandfather.

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It turned out that the shoes were donated to a homeless shelter to raise money.

The main theme in this novel is Stanley's family curse that called upon them by his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.

The main character, Stanley Yelnats was sent there innocently, unlike his friends that he met at there.

He was walking under a freeway overpass when a pair of shoes owned by a famous baseball player named Clyde Livingston fell on his head.

In what way could Stanley's family relationship have been better?

Does she treat the children better or the counselors?

It is for this reason that Stanley is not surprised when he is found guilty of a crime he did not commit.

“For Stanley, his current troubles are just a natural part of being a Yelnats.” (Sachar, 2002).

He is poor, friendless, overweight, self-conscious, constantly picked on and innocent of a crime for which he is sent to a correctional facility.

While Stanley Yelnats IV has family history and luck against him, he makes the most of every situation and is able to rise above his misfortune.


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