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Certain masculinities preserve and promote the inequalities experienced between men and women, and, in order to achieve gender equality, they must be dismantled.When analysing male stereotypes, in the context of gender equality, it is important to recognise that they do not operate in isolation. Gender denotes the social phenomenon of distinguishing males and females based on a set of identity traits.

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gender should be understood as a social, not physiological, construction: Femininity and masculinity, the terms that denote one’s gender, refer to a complex set of characteristics and behaviours prescribed for a particular sex by society and learned through the socialisation process’.[6] In other words, society, not biology, confines males and females to particular masculine and feminine character profiles. According to Freud, the human subject has always been , and that despite the biological differences, males and females have become particular social subjects.[8] The biological individual can be viewed as a blank canvas upon which gendered identities are projected and performed through socialisation.

Therefore, the supposed differences between men and women are accentuated through the legitimisation of social stereotypes.

The gendering of the sexes produces and sustains socially constructed differences.[2] Men and women are constructed to behave and interact in ways that perpetuate their gendered identities.

However, there is a vital distinction at work here, one that will underpin this essay — the difference between sex and gender.

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E-IR publishes student essays & dissertations to allow our readers to broaden their understanding of what is possible when answering similar questions in their own studies.Sex, in contrast to gender, refers to the determination made based upon scientifically accepted biological criteria.The distinction of sex can be made through the classification of ‘…Then, it will define gender equality and its various interpretations.This will then lead the essay to discuss the trajectory of the progress towards gender equality and why males must be viewed as fundamental actors.These stereotypes, presented as inherent, are influenced by the social environment to which one is subjected.Male and female gender profiles are normalised to the extent that they appear natural, biological.Freud, who pioneered early psychoanalysis of the unconscious, was able to examine the ‘…continuity between normal and neurotic mental life, the concepts of repression and the unconscious, and the metal process to be ‘read’ through dreams, jokes, slips of the tongue and symptoms’.[9] His work provided much needed insight into understanding inherent and normative views of gender identities.This will involve analysing the entrenchment of traditional male stereotypes in society and their consequent impact on women.Firstly, the essay will establish that male stereotypes operate within a larger structure of the gender paradigm.


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