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The reason for this was that WWII had ended and GI's needed government jobs.

There is a certain type of leadership called ethical leadership o ...

“The civil service,” writes Sir William Beveridge, “is a profession, and I should like it to become and realise itself as a learned profession.” It is, accordingly, essential that recruitment should be based on merit rather than on favouritism.

It means adoption of Civil Service as a permanent career or professionalisation of Civil Service.

According to Professor Milton Mandell, it is a system “predicated on recruiting young men and women with capacity to learning and growth, training them in order to develop and utilise their aptitudes, and offering them opportunities for advancement in responsibility and remuneration.”Willoughby defines the term Government Services Career as “a system that offers equal opportunities to all citizens to enter the government service, equal pay to all employees doing work requiring the same degree of intelligence and capacity, equal opportunities for advancement, equally favourable conditions and equal participation in retirement allowances, and makes equal demands upon the employees.”Prospective candidates are recruited in service at an early age, during their formative period, and are, then, systematically trained in the technique of administration with a view also that they should possess the intrinsic qualities which a civil servant should possess.

According to Laski, the Administrative Services “must live under the aegis of two rules.” In the first place, the executive should possess the least control over the appointment of public officials.

When appointments are left to the exclusive control of the political executive, it is a prolific source of corruption in public life.This is clear from the experience of every modem State.The notorious spoils system in the United States led to administrative dislocation and a public scandal.Public servants recruited under these circumstances “will use the posts they fill not for the importance of their duties, but for lining their own pockets at the public expense.” It will deplete the public service of experience, ability, and expertness which are so essential for the efficient conduct of public administration.Appointment of public servants, therefore, should be made under rules which may reduce to a minimum the chance of personal favouritism.There are seven important elements in Public Administration.Strategic planning, benchmarking for best practices, performance measurement, using performance results, performance-based budgeting, contracting for performance, and creating and sustaining a supportive environment.This testing lasted through the middle of the 20th century.Then there was a man by the name of Herbert Simon that figured out why none of these theories were found to be the best way.Such a classification and standardisation help to settle the questions of pay, line of promotion, requirements of transfer and other day-to-day matters concerning the service.This dissertation presents three empirical studies on how to improve human capital in the public sector.


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