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With ever-increasing levels of international trade and business, tourism, immigration, and random cross-cultural experiences, chances are you will eventually find yourself face-to-face with someone who doesn’t speak English, at least not up to a level you understand.The reasons to learn a foreign language or two have never been stronger.In other nations, it is common for many of the general population to speak multiple languages.

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Knowing a second language can also be useful in many everyday situations.

Traveling abroad, with the ability to understand another language, provides a rich experience, giving insight into the lives and cultures of others.

It might be strange at first to think that you have to learn a new language for family reasons, but many people hail from immigrant families, and once you get into the second and third generation, it’s very often the case where the local language is your first language rather than your family’s original tongue.

David says China Study Abroad has seen more and more ethnic Chinese people going to China to study Mandarin. President Unless your travel plans involve only English-speaking countries, you’ll probably want to learn a new language to make things easier for yourself.

The term "ugly American" refers to Americans who travel abroad and demonstrate a superior attitude toward the citizens and the culture of the country in which they are traveling.

This is shown by an impatience with persons who do not speak English.At least two top international MBA business schools require all incoming students to know a second language in addition to English.“One reason some students study language is because they are required to,” says Mark Lenhart, Executive Director of CET Academic Programs, a study abroad organization based in Washington, DC that designs innovative language and culture immersion programs abroad.The same phenomenon is happening in all parts of the world. What about the other 5.5 billion people who don’t speak any English at all?I think the natural trend will be to overlook the incredible benefits of language learning, and to more quickly embrace programs that require very little in terms of language. Even if you don’t plan on ever setting foot outside your own town again, what happens if the world comes to you?It’s true that there are more and more people learning and speaking English these days.In fact, English is, according to some measures, the most widely spoken language in the world, the de facto lingua franca.You don’t need to be a polyglot, but read on for reasons why language learning is still important.Learning a new language can be a part of your preparation for college or graduate school.Truly the greatest benefit of traveling with the knowledge to converse in another language is the ability to hear life's stories.Listening to an elderly man's story of the freeing of the prisoners at Auschwitz, or the falling of the Berlin Wall, or just the life of a Caribbean islander is an eye-opening experience.


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