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Drag a new line until the bottom of the sea from the top of the mountains. We have to make a world for everyone and everyone is for the whole world. And bind the people around the world with such thread of love that no one break it.

Drag a new line until the bottom of the sea from the top of the mountains. We have to make a world for everyone and everyone is for the whole world.

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Again, your essay is beautifully written, but I think the world you speak of is immpractical Well Aabis, I haven't enjoyed some of the borders that I've crossed, but there's too much against the utopia you long for. Within races there is tribalism and distrust among the tribes.

Think, if there is no boundaries, there are no countries, no cities. In the state of the world right now, borders are necessary because they separate countries who would not be compatible with each other.

I very much like how you illustrate the wondrous nourishing bounty of fabulous nature.

Nature does offer an infinity of ecstasy to all of us.

A world where there is no hatred,only love, affection and respect.

The whole world is our, and we are for the whole world. Everyone who wants to be happy should try to get together and to love one another. Usianguke Aabis whatever you wrote, your thought, your opinion, It's touching. I don't want to talk about whether it's possible or not to have a boundaryless world. Basically the rich don't want the poor in their backyard. In your second paragraph, you meant - a line drawn on a piece of paper.Plants provide people with an abundance of food either directly or indirectly.There are millions of vegetable, fruit and seed producing plants which are used by people for food.Certain plants have chemicals which when isolated in a lab, can help treat people suffering from different diseases.Thus, life without plants is unimaginable and impossible.Plants, particularly grasses and shrubbery, Stabilization of the top soil and prevention of soil erosion by holding the soil together is done by grass and shrubbery, which are plants.In the absence of plants, nutrient-rich topsoil would be no more, making it enormously difficult to grow food and sustain life. A world which creates a different relationship between nature and us. As you so rightly describe, people can help each other make their dreams of happiness come true by showing one another understanding, kindness, and affection. Your writing exudes an inner calm, a quiet place where we can be inspired to discover creative solutions to the challenges of life and the evolving events around us which can be so easily managed in a world without borders where people turn to nature and each other for answers, health, and long happy life.


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