Essay On Utility Of Mobile Phones

The kind of phone one carries and the way the phone is customized says a lot about who one is (The Economist, 2008).

The mobile phone is currently not just a “must have’” device in the developed countries.

In essence, innovation and creativity have enabled human beings to come up with solutions to the problems that arise or to deal with the necessities facing them.

Over time, there has been advancement in technology and this has come up as a result of making appropriate efforts to be creative and innovative.

In a large number of countries, over a half the population has mobile phones and in some of the developing countries, these phones are mostly the only means of telecommunication of the people (Vodafone, 2005).

Other than the questions that have not yet been answered that relate to health, the positive utilization of the mobile phones rests greatly in our hands, those of the government, when it comes to the safety regulations as well as the environmental issues, it rests in the hands of operators who can take the necessary measures to make sure there is smooth integration of the technology in to the society in regard to equipment design as well as aesthetics, and through measures that assist in the training of people in the mobile phone etiquette; in employers’ hands who can make necessary efforts to make sure that the employees that have the corporate mobiles are not abused; and eventually, in the hands of the users, who are supposed to develop a higher level of knowledge and work in order to make sure that their use of the mobile phones does not impact them in a negative way; impacting their lives as well as those people around them (International Telecommunications Union, 2004).In the established market, the uptake has approached a “saturation point” and as per 2004, there were about 51 million users in the United Kingdom (Banks & Burge, 2004).As on one hand the demand for these phones tends to be “unquenchable”, on the other hand, it is after all just a technology. However, it is a technology which has the prospect to bring in a positive impact in the human lives (Aurigi, 2006).Creativity has been serving as a very significant survival skill beginning from the time human beings came in to existence.It has helped human beings to move beyond what worked in the past in each and every undertaking, and discovering fresh approaches.For a number of reasons, the mobile phones have been in a position to “leapfrog” some obstacles, and following this, they have gotten themselves at the front position of the “digital divide” debate (Banks & Burge, 2004).Individuals in some of the poor nations in the world are now accessible to the mobile phones.t the present, one of the most important innovations that have been made is the invention and development of the mobile phone.Long time before human beings came to know mobile phones, they communicated using smoke.Such kind of learning as well as innovation calls for the need to have resources and much commitment.The “Vodafone Group Foundation” has offered both of them, giving out a grant to FFI to engage in research project development in to the way “mobile technology can support international conservation and sustainable development efforts” (Banks & Burge, 2004, p.11).


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