Essay On The Harmful Effects Of Smoking

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Development of tolerance to its own actions is similar to that produced by other addictive drugs.Carbon mono-oxide reduces the amount of oxygen blood can carry and causes shortness of breath.The ability of nicotine to combine with acetylcholine-receptors means that it can exert actions like acetylcholine at all synapses where nicotine acetylcholine-receptors (n ACh Rs) are present and can trigger impulses. Psychological: Low emotional stability and risk taking behavior are more common in tobacco users.

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It means around 35% of adults (47.9% males and 20.3% females) in India use tobacco in some form or the other.

Use of smokeless tobacco is more prevalent in India (21%).

They are also found at the junction of nerve and muscles and nerves and certain glands.

Acetylcholine receptors throughout the body are traditionally classified as nicotine receptors (those that respond to nicotine) and muscarine receptors (those that respond to muscarine).

Consequences of tobacco use Various effects of tobacco use are as follows: Tobacco is considered as a major behavioral risk factor for non-communicable diseases one of the leading causes of death.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases and cancer imposes maximum financial burden on the individual and family.

These devices increase quitting rates by approximately 1.5 to 2 times, regardless of setting. It includes anti depressants and symptomatic treatment.

Pharmacological strategies have a useful role in alleviating withdrawal symptoms. Behavioural treatment: There are number of techniques which can be used to manage the cessation of tobacco use.

Around five million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while more than 600,000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Up to half of current users will eventually die of a tobacco-related disease.

The situation is equally bad in India with estimated number of tobacco users being 274.9 million where 163.7 million users of only smokeless tobacco, 68.9 million only smokers and 42.3 million users of both smoking and smokeless tobacco as per Global Adult Tobacco Survey India (GATS).


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