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I’ve been using their services for a year now, and they have never let me down.

I’ve been using their services for a year now, and they have never let me down.

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Plato reviews this problem in a patriotic key, claiming that the civil responsibility of anyone who is lucky enough to obtain proper education is to go back from where he/she came and apply the knowledge to enlighten the rest of the nation.

In order to acquire knowledge of higher degree, it is vital not to stop in one’s education and not to rest on one’s laurels but to proceed on the thorny path of wisdom that lies through returning back to the uneducated.

And it becomes the task and the social responsibility of philosophers (and, by analogy, educators) to ‘re-enter the cave’ and bring educational enlightenment to the broad public however resisting the latter may be.

Fairly enough, one may ask: why should an enlightened person return back to the cave and risk all the misunderstanding and rejection directed at him/her by the uneducated people?

In striving to progress and outperform the others, people have always attached great importance to accumulating their life experience so that future generations could benefit from it and learn from the mistakes and achievements of the past.

Wisdom has been respected as a hallmark of age and experience, and those who possessed it stood high in the social esteem.In his allegory, Plato draws a parallel between the general public and people who are imprisoned in a deep and dark cave.It is impossible to turn their heads towards the enlightened entrance to the cave as their necks have been chained since their childhood, so they only can see before themselves.But step by step he is moved forward, conceiving real life, until he is finally brought to the source of life itself, to the sun which would now be the essence of reality and the embodiment of the ultimate truth.Thus, thinking back to his former fellows in the cave, he pities them, for they do not know the truth and lead an existence in a world of imaginary things which they take for real.I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.Good thing I did my research and chose this website to outsource all the essays.He claims that good education is not an own merit of a person: it is provided by the state; therefore, the state has the right to claim devoted service and implicit obedience from those who have benefited from it.Additionally to fulfilling one’s civic duty, the educated people get the chance of furthering their education by enlarging their knowledge.Such unselfish approach to the issue of teaching can be a good example for the modern educators, instructing them on the thorny path of their labor of love. This essay on Allegory of the Cave: Conception of Education in Plato’s The Republic was written and submitted by user Soft Deer to help you with your own studies.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.


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