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Despite these discrepancies, most people can easily identify someone who exemplifies successful aging, without subjecting that person to medical testing or any psychological evaluation.

Thus, successful aging is often something we simply “know it when we see it.” Warren Buffett and Successful Aging Many people consider Warren Buffett to be very successful professionally.

He is currently working on his seventh book, at age 80, while also finding more time to travel with his family.

Diamond says his closest professional colleague and mentor was the biologist Ernst Mayr, who published his 22 birthday — certainly a role model for Professor Diamond. Successful aging involves focusing on what is important to you, and being able to do what you want to do in old age.

Successful aging can start in childhood, as people develop habits and work ethics and learn to exercise and eat well.

We often focus on the physical health of people as they age, and we assume that psychological well-being follows this trend.

After all, he is a billionaire philanthropist, and he is now 86. What are the secrets to successful aging for Warren Buffett?

He is an avid Coca-Cola drinker (he reportedly drinks five cans a day), noting, “I’m about one-quarter Coca-Cola” and that he had seen no evidence that switching to “water and broccoli” would make it easier for him to make it to age 100.

While successful aging may be one way to describe how well we age, the concept of “meaningful aging” may be another important way to consider how to age well.

Meaningful aging does not involve “winners or losers” in terms of longevity and health, but rather the need to focus on what is most meaningful to a person, especially in older age.


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