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If you want to succeed you must know the value of time. If you are not prepared to work hard you should not expect good results. The punctuality and economy of time lead to success and happiness. One becomes great and successful just as one knows how to make best use of time.

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I believe with all my heart and through my personal experiences that hard work is the key to success.

Free Essay on the Importance of Success – All men and women want success, but only a few have it.

I had my old coach train me twice a week; while everyone else was still asleep I was up conditioning and lifting weights.

I dedicated my summer to becoming the best football player I could be, training twice a day six days a week.

One interesting view about success is that it means something different to each person. A person may seem to be successful, but scandal and ruin can easily follow if a person has made poor choices to achieve his ideal of success.

It is not uncommon to hear people confess that the people whom they thought were very successful in life turned out to be rather miserable.

We must learn to work hard to satisfy our conscience whether our goals are starting on our high school sports team or being the owner of our own business.

No matter what our goals are, we must be willing to sacrifice our time, body, and mind to work as hard as we can to be the best that we can be.

Most people work hard throughout their lives to achieve success.

That might mean acquiring an education, being able to take care of one’s family, achieving a life’s ambition, or making money.


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