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Tailor your essay to fit your audience's requirements. Use concrete evidence whenever possible, and always cite any references. Consider changing some block text to bullet points to increase readability.Write a rough draft of your essay using your outline for guidance. State your main point in the first paragraph and make your conclusion clear in your final section. Use specific and informative section titles and subtitles to make your essay easier to read.

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It did try hard in this regard, producing the first tubeless car tyre in Nigeria, amasing quality awards both locally and from the European Economic Community (EEC).In the same vein (Gnyawali& Fogel, 1994) see the business environment as the overall economic, socio-cultural and political factors that influence people’s willingness to undertake entrepreneurial activities.It also refers to the availability of assistance and support services that facilitate start up processes (Gwyawali & Fogel, 1994).Business writing aims to inform or persuade in clear and readable language.Thinking about your purpose and audience before you create an outline will enable you to focus on the most relevant areas of your topic and more clearly demonstrate your main point.This essay aims to demonstrate the effect that the environment has on the success rate of businesses in Nigeria.It begins by explaining the concept of the business environment, discussing its relevance , the curent situation in Nigeria, the role of the government as well as the future possibilities, using a case study of the Michelin and dunlop tyre manufacturing company.A huge failure rate, has a destructive outcome on any economy.This is the status quo in Nigeria, notwithstanding numerous claims by the government, of inaugurated programms to aid entreprenuers.A good business will encourage foreign investors and breed an enabling environment for the society to develop as a whole and relatively reduce poverty.To further stress the difficulty of setting up a business in Nigeria is the failure of the incubators.


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