Essay On Proverb Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Waste is created when we consume more than we need. A witty one-liner says: It is better to live as long as you want than want as long as you live.

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The statement above, taken from an award winning campaign against littering, bespeaks the fact that this shared planet is everybody’s home, and hence, everybody’s responsibility too.

Cleanliness is next only to Godliness, is a proverb we’ve all heard in school, and in this essay, I shall try to understand and explain its multifarious facets.

Unmindful of his act, he carried on without qualms.

An elderly woman, walking a few steps behind him, lifted the wrapper and put it in her bag.

But in today’s market driven economy, led by the mantra of consumption, we’re buying more and wasting more, leading to more and more depletion of resources.

How many times do we stop to ask ourselves, when is this thirst for possession going to stop?Do we allow the used paper to run amok in piles of garbage, or do we have the will and patience to recover and use it?Do we take due precaution while disposing electronic wastes, or do we wriggle out the easy way?The topic of cleanliness reminds me of an anecdote narrated by a senior during my Plant days, seven years ago.During his official tour to Australia, while sauntering on the spic and span sidewalks of Sydney, he happened to drop a wrapper on the pavement.Action is being taken on war footing to clean our rivers, such as Ganga and Yamuna, and the baton is now in our hands to further this mission.Monks in Tibet are known to have built temples out of plastic bottles.Do we religiously carry paper/cloth bag to the market or do we accept polybags as an alternative?These are small actions, but when multiplied with a population of 1.25 billion Indians, can have staggering effects.This shifts the focus from ‘how to clean’ to ‘how to minimize waste’.The second question is a much more fundamental and imperative one, as it is closely linked to the socio-cultural mores of a society.


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