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On the other hand, the research delves on Kevin Deluca’s emphasizing human conservation should be a top priority compared to wilderness conservation.Catriona Mortimer aptly states that there should be a balance between Cronon’s wilderness-based environment view and Deluca’s human conservation-based environment concept.

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The government also fought off several detractors who argued against the use of the ethanol as a fuel citing damage to cars as a reason for it. Protecting our Environment Larry Buenafe LIB 320 Prof.

Samilia Amanyroufpoor January 30 Protecting our Environment “Mankind is systematically destroying the sensitive ecosystems which support life on earth.

(WHO, Fact Sheet, The Top 10 Causes of Death.) a) Problems of Water Pollution Water pollution is a human problem and one that needs to be streamlined.

In his article on water pollution, Chris Woodford highlights the fact that water pollution has become worse, ever since the Industrial Revolution and this has impacted upon the water resources on our planet.

Reasons for training on Environmental Law The main reason why the seminar on protecting the environment and training in environmental law was a way of promoting the Public Information Disclosure Act (PIDA) and other regulations that are related to environmental management which are mandated to regulate people’s rights to information on the environment.

Secondly, the training was meant to promote Indonesia’s government information to the people/public.

(Chris Woodford, 2013) The other topics to be discussed in water pollution would be – a) Harmful substances that contaminate water, b) Cleanliness and Hygiene of our surroundings, c) Waste disposal and d) Planting of trees.

(“Analysis of Protecting the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words”, n.d.) Analysis of Protecting the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words.

In the final analysis, the behaviour of business organizations can be such that it exploits the earth’s natural resources or have little or no regard for the environment in the manner in which goods and services are produced or disposed of.

Evidence of environmental damages indicates that current environmental protection frameworks are not......?


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