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Essay On Population Distribution-88
Answer: According to the census conducted by the government in India the official population of all 28 states and 7 union territories in 2011 was 1.21 billion.

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The current population of India is at 132.42 crores (as of 2016) and is the second highest in the world.

Without people, there would be no society, economy or a culture.

Also, our occupational structure has three broad categories- Answer: The correct option is “C”.

Population density is a measurement of population per unit volume or unit area. So the density of population is the number of people living in a particular space, say one kilometer or one mile.

Population density = the total number of people per unit of area.

Also, population density is largely dependent on the geographical location and geological factors.Therefore, states like Assam, Himachal Pradesh, and other hilly terrains have a lower density of population.While the northern plains and coastal areas like Kerala, West Bengal, and Maharashtra have very high population density. Population growth is determined by the annual growth rate, which is calculated in percent per annum.Though Rajasthan is the largest state in size, its population contributes to only 5.5% of the total population of India.This uneven distribution of the population is due to the varying population density of the country.Also, our population is what contributes to our socio-economic structure and the diverse cultural scenario.The current population of India contributes to 17% of the global population.The third and one of the most important factors of population change is migration.Migration can be internal (between states) and international (between countries).The census states the literacy rate of the population of India is almost 74.04% (2016).The number of people in a population involved in different economic activities helps assess the growth of the country’s economy.


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