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In dramatic irony there is a contradiction between what a character says or thinks and what the audience knows to be true. Iago tells Othello “I lack iniquity / Sometimes to do me service.” C.

Finally situational irony refers to events that occur which contradict the expectations of the characters, audience, or readers. Othello discusses how his merits will speak for themselves. Brabantio wants Othello to go to prison for eloping with Desdemona. The invasion of Cyprus by the Turkish fleet causes Othello’s commission to the island. Brabantio’s insistence on how Desdemona was beguiled by Othello versus Iago’s beguiling of Othello. Othello’s comments to the Duke that Iago “is of honesty and trust” III. The storm destroys the Turkish fleet off the coast of Cyprus. In the humorous praise of women, Iago pretends that he has difficulty imagining ways to praise the various women Desdemona mentions. Othello tells Desdemona “If it were now to die, / ‘Twere now to be most happy.” D.

Othello is easily the most victimized in the play, tricked and beguiled away from his true thoughts by Iago’s lies and deception.

The Downfall of Othello and Cassio In Shakespeare's Othello, the characters of Othello and Cassio greatly contribute to their own downfalls. The Moor is of a free and open nature That thinks men honest that but seem to be so, and will as tenderly be led by th' nose as asses are. The quote, simply in its tone, is proof that Iago was a rage-filled, angry man. He is appalled by Cassio's foolish and rash behavior, and removes him from the position of lieutenant.

Shakespeare uses the racial difference to many effects: most obviously, to emphasize Othello’s difference from the society in which he finds himself and to which he allies himself through marriage; more subtly and ironically to heighten his tragic stance against the white Iago, the embodiment of evil in the play.

More than anything, Othello is “natural man” confronted with the machinations and contrivances of an overly civilized society.has frequently been praised as William Shakespeare’s most unified tragedy, many critics have found the central character to be the most unheroic of Shakespeare’s heroes.Some have found him stupid beyond redemption; others have described him as a passionate being overwhelmed by powerful emotion; still others have found him self-pitying and insensitive to the enormity of his actions.His instincts are to be loving and trusting, but he is cast into a society where these natural virtues would have made him extremely vulnerable.The prime source of that vulnerability is personified in the figure of Iago, perhaps Shakespeare’s consummate villain.This is important because Desdemona unknowingly played right into Iago’s plan by semi-ignoring Othello’s unrest to try to talk to him about Cassio, which angers Othello even more and adds to the envious thoughts already brewing in his head.All of these examples are instances of Iago’s ability to play on Othello’s emotions and feelings, leading to Othello becoming blinded by his own jealousy and rage.Yet all of these denigrations pale before the excitement and sympathy generated for the noble soldier in the course of the play.As a Moor, or black man, Othello is an exotic, a foreigner from a fascinating and mysterious land.Iago urges Cassio to ask Desdemona for help to get reinstated with Othello. Emilia says that the rift between Othello and Cassi“greives my husband / As if the cause were his.” C.Desdemona says to Cassio that “thy solicitor shall rather die / Than give thy cause away.” D.


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