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Third is power with, which is the power we achieve when we work cooperatively with others.Traveling to the moon and back would be an example of the power that can be harnessed when people work together.This is the urge to control others, maybe for personal satisfaction, maybe “for their own good.” Second, there is power within.

What I am suggesting is that teachers can employ a number of strategies that help students gain power in school.

An important concept for teachers to understand is that by helping to empower students, teachers enjoy more, not less, power. First, there is power over, which is frequently the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word power.

It shows the class members that the teacher trusts them to be responsible for their behavior and for their own learning.

This is a strategy that has been very successful for me not only as a classroom teacher, but also as a coach, a play director, and a club advisor.

Every day in school, students can meet their need for power if teachers and others provide them with opportunities to achieve power with and power within.

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If students do not have opportunities to meet their need for power in these healthy, productive, and responsible ways, they will most likely choose power over.In The Quality School, Glasser relates what he has discovered from interviewing students throughout the United States about their school experience: When I present my ideas to teachers and administrators, I usually interview six junior or senior high school students in front of a large audience.Because for young people the need for power is very difficult to satisfy, I always ask, “Where in school do you feel important?Because the purpose of education is to provide children with the knowledge and skills—in other words, the power—to live healthy, successful lives, power should be the need that schools most effectively address.Ironically, power is the need that many students find most difficult to meet in school.Traditionally, rules are determined by the teacher and briefly explained on the first day of class. Rule number one: Respect me, respect others, and respect yourself. Another benefit is that these rules are simple and few. Second, the students have no ownership of the rules.The shortcomings of this method, however, outweigh the benefits. What does respecting the teacher look and sound like? While the teacher is explaining her expectations, some students are thinking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.As Sullo states in Inspiring Quality in Your School, “If there were ever to be a revolution in the United States, it would probably not begin in Congress” (1997, p. In other words, people who make the rules are less likely to break them.There are many ways to engage students in developing the class rules.” This question always seems to the students to come from outer space; they look at me as if I had asked something ridiculous .... 47) In academic classes, students are told how to behave, what to learn, when and how to learn it, and then are assessed in ways that may not take into account the diverse intelligences that exist in every student population.However, if I persist, most students tell me that they feel important in their extracurricular activities: Sports, music, and drama are frequently mentioned. Often when students ask, “Why do we have to learn this?


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