Essay On Imagery In Romeo And Juliet

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The relationship between the sun and the moon cannot be separated.

Likewise, Romeo and Juliet choose to die with one another, rather than be apart.

Although this is Juliet first love, she takes is seriously, and preciously which are some reasons that leads to the happen of the tragedy.

There are some red rhinestones strass near the corner of both eyes, they represent the blood and tragic of this play, where Romeo and Juliet die as mentioned above.

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With the number of deaths in this play, it comes as no surprise that worms are used more than once to conjure up images of death and decay. Because he is not a Montague, Mercutio should never have been involved in a fight with a Capulet, much less killed, despite his friendship with Romeo.

After the stabbing, he declares: 'A plague o' both your houses! Mercutio rightfully announces that he has been killed because of the feud between the Montagues and Capulets.

During Shakespeare’s time, feasts and balls were very popular amongst the members of upper class.

The masks worn to these festivities were often extremely detailed, fabulous, and expensive.


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