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The scene takes place at about seven am the day after Tom and Amanda get into a major argument.From this scene we can reveal that Amanda's obviously an overstressed and psychotic single care taker with insufficient mothering skills.

Amanda, expects Laura to fulfill the dreams Amanda once had for herself which rushes Laura into doing things she's not prepared to do.

Amanda has hope in her crippled, (that she refuses to admit) and shy daughter whom isn't capable of fulfilling Amanda's dream.

Her attitude and her values shape the other characters as well.

In retrospect it is understood that one of the main reasons Tom left in the end of the play was because of his mothers selfishness, her constant nagging, and the many desires Amanda had for her children that Tom didn't want to put up with.

Although this may be true, his craziness isn’t the reason why he kills the old man.

He kills him for reasons that agitate the insane part of the narrator’s mind. As well as when he defends that he’s not crazy while he is killing the old man.I see her in those dark Charlie Webster – 4A3 Power is a common theme throughout the play Hamlet.King Claudius is one of the plays most powerful characters and with power comes corruption.Despite having many attributes, one that is evidently highlighted is that the mother is an insecure person.The story starts off with her saying “[w]hat did I do, she thought, I took [my daughter] away from her own people and her “Clocks slay time”: Perception, Memory, and Broken Glass in William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury William Faulkner creates confusion due to the time fragmentation in his modernist novel, The Sound and the Fury.Claudius is a corrupting force that effect most character in the play such as Hamlet, Gertrude, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Polonius and Ophelia.At the beginning of the play we become aware that the King is dead and Claudius has been crowned the new king making him the most powerful “The Other Family” Character Sketch - Mother Throughout the story, “The Other Family” by Himani Bannerji, the mother demonstrates many traits that contribute to her unique personality that sets the mood of the story.Gender discrimination against women is not only common in North America, Europe and Australia but is a repetitive pattern globally (Johnson & Lee, Mandel 2012). Walter Lee Younger doesn’t want to live the life he is living.This paper composes of extensive research on the subject of gender inequalities and how the glass ceiling phenomenon effects women as they are generally paid less, ask for less promotions and are perceived to be psychologically weaker (Acker 2009, Allison & Yap 2009, Johnson & An Analysis of Gatsby’s Character in The Great Gatsby 浅析《了不起的盖茨比》中盖茨比的人物性格 学 号: 16705020XXXX 专业名称: 英 语 年 级: 16级专升本 姓 名: 张三三 指导老师: 李四四 2018年10月27日 An Analysis of Gatsby’s Character in The Great Gatsby Zhang Sansan 14705020XXXX The Department of English Supervisor: Li Sisi A Thesis Submitted to English Department of Fudan University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree of Bachelor her insecurities as a character but if it was not for the insecurities. This shines the light on why the conflict of man vs. Madame craves the acceptance of others so much because she does not fit into their social norms. He has big goals and dreams and doesn’t feel fulfilled by his current job of being a driver nor his living situation in a rundown home with his big family. Holden is one of the most interesting characters I have ever come across.On the other hand, Stradlater is a very mean character.He is one of those guys who can be a movement of life and the hassle of society, Dona Fedelia finds wrong in all things.


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